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Je Suis à Toi (Monsters in the Dark #3.5)(15)
Author: Pepper Winters


The need to have Tess boiled my blood as the beast inside salivated.

Taking it from him, I ordered, “Turn around, Tess.”

Pouting but giggling at Angelique and Suzette, Tess obeyed.

I placed the blindfold over her eyes and tied it tight. Waving my hand in front of her face, I asked, “Can you see?”

Her head tipped up, doing her best to see down her nose at the small sliver of light. Finally, she shook her head. “No. Unfortunately.”

I chuckled. “Like old times then.”

She licked her lips, thickening my cock even more.

Christ, I needed her out of public and very fucking soon.

She was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. But something was so goddamn sexy about her sight being taken away. I had the ability to do anything I wanted, and she wouldn’t see it coming.

My hands landed on her shoulders, slipping over the gold silk of her dress as I spun her around twice. “Spread out.” I glared at my fellow players.

Stifling their drunken laughter, they tiptoed apart, moving around the space.

Letting Tess go, I stepped back. “You’re free. Go seek.”

Her hands came up as she shuffled forward.

No one said a thing as she moved slowly. She came within a whisker of touching Frederick as he glided out of her way.

My palm itched to take out my cock and stroke while watching her move around. I wanted to tear off her dress piece by piece until she was naked with just the blindfold.

I’d sneak behind her and bite her neck, forcing her over the love-seat where we’d snuggled.

Swallowing my groan, my heart bucked out of control as Tess shuffled further around the castle.

It’d only been a few moments since I’d touched her but it felt like an eternity. My fingers missed her. My mouth craved her. And my body….Christ, that trembled with the urge to snatch her from this room and carry her upstairs.

Come on, Tess.

Dépêchez-toi. Hurry up.

This game could go on for hours and my patience was non-existent. Holding my breath, I inched forward and placed my hand behind Suzette.

And waited.

I waited until Tess stumbled past before shoving Suzette forward.

“Hey!” She barrelled into Tess, technically doing what the rules stated and ‘bluffed’ my blind wife.

Instead of tripping forward, Tess fought the pressure and spun around, grasping onto her assailant.

For a second, I worried this would bring back bad memories. Memories of monsters and maladies. However, as her hands came up and cupped Suzette's face, she rested her forehead on her friend’s. “Gotcha. You’re out, Suzette.”

One down…three to go.

“Damn it.” The woman smiled, drifting off to sit down in a bushel of blue and silver lace. Franco followed his lover with his gaze, swallowing the final sip of his wine. He was so preoccupied with Suzette, he didn’t hear Tess as she whispered across the carpet with her arms outstretched and bumped into him.

Make that two to go.

My cock turned to marble.

“Ah-ha!” Instantly, her arms went around his waist, squeezing tight. Her fingers explored his chest with questing curiosity.

A small part of me was jealous. A large part of me wanted to rip her off him and drag her into the dark. But I controlled my urges and relaxed as she reached his chin and announced, “You’re out, Franco.”

“Fuck.” He chuckled, pecking her on the cheek. “So much for lasting the longest.” He drifted off to Suzette. Grabbing her hand, he waved at those of us who could see. Pointing at the ceiling, he mimicked going to sleep.

I didn’t believe he had any intention of sleeping straightaway, but I let them retire with a curt nod.

The room grew quiet and heavy as they vanished. Tess circumnavigated slowly, searching for her next victim.

Come this way, esclave. I’ll teach you what happens when you find me in the dark.

Frederick and Angelique managed to stay out of her way, smothering their laughter and daring each other to dash forward and push my wife.

I slouched against the wall, finishing my whiskey and rearranging my erection as Tess moved so beautifully.

Again and again, Tess was bluffed, unable to catch the two trouble makers. My CEO and his wife turned into sniggering children with far too much booze in their blood.

The game could go on all night, and she would never catch them.

That’s not going to fucking happen.

I wanted her. I needed her.

I wouldn’t wait any longer.

Moving forward silently, I tapped my best friend on his shoulder.

Frederick met my eyes with a question.

Cocking my head at the exit, I mouthed, “Leave. See you in the morning.” Pointing at Angelique, I whispered, “Take her with you.”

For a second, he looked as if he’d refuse. Then a knowing smirk twisted his lips.

Nodding once, Frederick carefully padded past Tess with her fumbling steps and wrapped Angelique in a hug. Together, they tiptoed from the fire-warmed room leaving Tess smiling and doing her best to navigate the foreign space.

The moment they’d left, I let my inhibitions free; I loosened the bars on my cage and grabbed my hard cock, basking in the knowledge I had Tess exactly where I wanted her.

I could tire her out by following her and never letting her hear me.

I could stalk her. Push her. Slam her against the wall and fuck her.

But I wouldn’t.

Because I wanted to tease her first.

Depositing my empty whiskey glass on the sideboard, I moved. Holding my breath, whispering with silence as I’d done for so many years, I reached out and pushed between her shoulder blades.

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