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Falling for the Backup (Assassins #3.5)(14)
Author: Toni Aleo

“I get that it’s nerve-racking when you first meet someone. I’m nervous too, but the thing is, I don’t know the person you were before. All I care about is getting to know the person you are now. I am attracted to you, a lot,” she said with a smile. “And I’m not saying I’m the person to clean up your life, but I’d sure like to try. Just stop walking away from me.”

Closing her eyes, Aynslee took in a deep breath and went up on her tippy toes. She then placed her lips on his.

Chapter 5

Jordan should have pulled away. But there was no way he could. He’d been waiting for this moment for too long.

Aynslee’s lips were soft and inviting, and without thinking of the consequences, he slid his hand behind her neck, pulling her closer before deepening the kiss. With each move of her lips, he lost more control. When her hand came to rest on his arm, he took in a sharp breath, and she melted against him. It was another chance to pull away, but he couldn’t. Instead, Jordan’s other arm snaked around her waist, pressing her body against his. Then he covered her mouth with his, moving his tongue against hers. His need for her was tremendous, and when her hand moved up his back, holding him, he pulled away before he completely lost it and f**ked her against the fence that surrounded the pond. He looked deep into her eyes, their breath mingling. Aynslee’s eyes were bright, and when a satisfied smile crossed her lips, Jordan knew his feelings for her extended way past lust. He didn’t know what to say, but he did know there was no way he was walking away from this woman. His life might be a mess, but after a kiss like that and the way his body responded to hers, there was no turning away.

“Wow,” she muttered, her breath tickling his lips.

He nodded, a smile pulling at his mouth. He wasn’t done. He didn’t think he ever would be. Dropping his head, he brushed her lips again, just for a taste, but the taste turned into more, and soon he was holding her close, kissing the hell out of her. He didn’t know what it was about this woman, but he felt as if he could kiss her forever.

Pulling away again, gasping for breath, Jordan leaned his forehead against hers.

“We have to stop, or people are going to get a show,” he said softly. He kept his eyes closed, because her hands were running up and down his back, but he didn’t move. He couldn’t. He was putty in her hands.

Aynslee moved her hands up to his face, running her fingers through the stubble on his chin. She bit down on her lip, then said, “I don’t want to stop.”

Oh, God, he was sure his c**k was about to poke a hole through his shorts. He was so hard that it hurt, and if she wasn’t careful, he really was going to bend her over that fence and to hell with the consequences.

Jordan could see the hesitation in her eyes as she said, “I live only a few minutes from here, unless you want to walk away from me again.”

Jordan didn’t even think twice. “Not a chance. I’m done walking.”

“Good,” she said, stepping out of his embrace.

“Hey, where are you going?” he asked, reaching for her hand.

“Let me give you my number and my address,” she said. Aynslee pulled her phone from her shorts pocket, as Jordan did the same. He rushed to put the information into his phone, but it was hard when his hands were shaking and his c**k was begging for release.

“So I’ll see you at my house?”

“I’ll beat you there,” he said, hoping she would understand how much he wanted her.

She started to back away from him. “I doubt that.”

Aynslee collided with a runner and began to apologize. Jordan chuckled—until she looked back over at him. Her eyes were dark with desire, and he wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them and continue where they’d left off, but it would be only minutes until he had her naked and in bed. Chewing on her bottom lip, she said, “Ready, set—”

“Go,” he said, before turning and jogging off toward his truck. He wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing, but for once he wasn’t thinking about what was right and wrong. Jordan got into his truck, then pressed NAVIGATE on his phone before pulling out into traffic and heading west on West End. When he saw a Walgreens, he parked and rushed inside for condoms, then got back on the road to Aynslee’s house. His nerves were out of control, and he wasn’t lying when he said he was done walking away.

Jordan pulled in to the driveway of a small white Victorian-style house and parked behind a black SUV. It was a nice house, quaint, with green shutters and a wraparound porch. Potted plants covered the stairs, and she’d placed little ornaments throughout the yard. He shut off the truck and got out, tucking the small box of condoms into his shorts before walking up to the front door. It was a quiet neighborhood; he didn’t see anyone around. As he climbed the steps, he saw Aynslee holding the door open, waiting for him.

“I was starting to think you chickened out on me,” she teased as he drank her in. She had way too much clothing on, and he was just the guy to peel each piece off her. But first he needed to know something.

“You’re sure?”

She looked confused as she asked, “That you were going to chicken out on me? No, I was teasing.”

A grin pulled at Jordan’s lips as he shook his head. “No, I mean about this,” he said, moving his hand between them.

Her face flushed as she glanced down at the ground, but she nodded, and Jordan released the breath he was holding.

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