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Falling for the Backup (Assassins #3.5)(6)
Author: Toni Aleo

Sliding her bag onto her shoulder, she smiled up at him before walking down the aisle. He followed behind her, and she hoped that he wasn’t staring at her butt. The coffee had soaked all the way through, and she was certain she had a big brown spot on her rear end that matched the front of her dress. As she stepped from the plane into the terminal, Jordan came walking up beside her.

“That dress is ruined.”

Aynslee nodded as she looked down at her stained pink dress.

“Yup, no big deal—it was ugly anyway.”

Jordan smiled. “I thought it was nice.”

Aynslee was sure he was kidding her, so she glanced up to see his expression but instead caught him looking down at her chest. For once she thanked the heavens for her busty breast size. Her mom always said, “For such a little girl, you have some huge knockers. They are from my side of the family, you know.”

He must have realized she saw him staring, because his face flushed.


Jordan informed her, “The back is ruined too. Do you want me to walk behind you until we get outside?”

Aynslee laughed and rolled her eyes.

“I’m pretty sure that is only a ploy to check out my ass.”

His laugh startled her, but in a good way.

“I would never do such a thing,” he managed to say.

“Sure, you wouldn’t,” she teased as they walked toward the baggage claim. She didn’t have any bags to pick up but figured she’d walk with him, to lengthen their time together in the hope that he’d still ask her out.

He shot her a mischievous grin, his eyes bright as he held her gaze. She thought it was the first time he was actually being unguarded in the short hours she had been around him.

Moving closer to her, he said, “Okay, maybe you’re right.”

“I know I am,” she countered, as his scent swirled around her. He smelled so good, it made her toes curl and also made her want to nuzzle his neck and stay there for days.

His grin grew as he continued, “But I was also trying to hide the fact that you have a brown spot on the back of your dress. I still feel horrible about that.”

She waved him off. “Don’t be. It’s okay—I am trashing this dress first chance I get.”

Aynslee smiled to herself as her confidence returned. There was no way he wasn’t going to ask for her number. He was totally into her.

Reaching the baggage claim, they both stood there and watched the other passengers gather their luggage. As the carousel went around again—she was certain that had to be the fifth time she had admired a gorgeous Gucci roll-on—Jordan looked over at her.

“Do you not see your bag?”

She glanced up at him and shook her head. “Remember? My bag was lifted by my crazy aunt.”

He laughed. “That’s right.”

“Do you see your bag?”

“I have mine,” he said, tapping the side of his duffel.

“So we stood here for fifteen minutes for nothing?”

Jordan smiled. “I think we did.”

They both laughed as they headed toward the exit door. When the chill of the March air hit Aynslee in the face, she rushed to pull her sweater out of her laptop bag. It was a bulky yellow sweater, which looked lovely over her hideous pink dress, but there was nothing she could do about that. It was all she had.

“Wow, nice sweater,” Jordan said, trying to hold back his amusement.

“Thanks,” she sighed as she adjusted her laptop bag on her shoulder. Thank God she had this sweater to keep her warm. “My aunt seemed to like my jacket too.”

“Sheesh, you should watch out for those klepto aunts.”

Aynslee nodded as she giggled, “I know, right?”

“There is my ride,” Jordan said, then turned back her way. “Do you have a ride home?”

Oh, how she wished she didn’t. She could always say no and then take a taxi back. But that could be costly, and she didn’t have the money to waste.


“Yeah, my car is parked in long-term.”

Aynslee swore he seemed disappointed as he glanced away from the sleek black town car that apparently was waiting for him. It looked like an expensive car, and as she watched his profile, she tried to place him. Nashville was full of famous people, but she didn’t recognize him. Maybe he was a businessman; maybe she should have found all this out before planning to sleep with him. That would have been smart. He could be a male  p**n  star for all she knew!

With a small kind smile, Jordan readjusted the duffel’s strap on his shoulder. His eyes held hers as the air crackled around them. She knew the words she had been waiting to hear since the moment she sat down on the plane were about to be spoken—male  p**n  star or not, this man was too gorgeous and sweet to pass up.

“Well, it has been a pleasure meeting you,” he said in a low rough voice, making it extremely hard for Aynslee not to swoon. Okay, who was she kidding, she did swoon, and by the way his grin grew, she figured he knew it too.

With her face turning bright red, she said, “Great to meet you as well. That was probably the best plane ride home ever, coffee and all.”

Aynslee expected him to laugh, but instead Jordan bit his lip as he looked over at the waiting car. A driver got out and waved as he opened the back door for him. Jordan held up one finger before turning to Aynslee. He looked down at her once again, and she could see the lust swirling in the depths of his enticing eyes. Aynslee smiled, moving closer to him—why, she didn’t know, but something was pulling her to him, and she’d be damned if she was going to fight it. She watched as his hand came up, and she swore it was going to rest on her face before he smothered her in kisses. Instead, Jordan readjusted his bag once again before moving away, muttering, “All right, well, see you around.”

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