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Blue Lines (Assassins #4)(16)
Author: Toni Aleo

But when he called her cell for the sixth time, Piper decided she couldn’t ignore him any longer. She didn’t like it when he did that to her, and she believed that you treat people the way you want to be treated. Even if that person is an idiot. She’d rather break his kneecaps with a hockey stick than talk with him again.


“Hello?” she answered on the third ring.

“Hey, is this Piper Allen?”

“Ugh, yeah,” as if he didn’t know what number he was calling. What an ass**le.

“The pregnant one, right?”

“Seriously? You’ve been with more than one Piper Allen?” she asked, and for some reason this wouldn’t have shocked her if it was true—he was a man-whore.

“No, but apparently I saved three different numbers under your name. Sorry,” he said quickly, he then went quiet; all she could hear now was his nervous breathing.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Okay? What do you want?”

“Oh yeah, sure, sorry. Um, so how are you?”

Piper rolled her eyes. Be nice, she reminded herself.

“Fine, and you?” she asked sarcastically.

“Still a little freaked-out, but it’s not like I can change any of it.”

Oh, she wanted to kill him.

Biting her lip, she asked, “Yup, so what did you need?”

Piper hated being rude, she was normally such a sweet person, but Erik Titov had a death wish where she was concerned. He brought out the anger in her.

“Why are you being a bitch? I haven’t done anything wrong here,” he snapped.

Piper could not believe he said that.

“Um, yes you have! You questioned if the baby was yours. Why would I lie about something like that, especially with our families as close as they are?”

“Really, you’re mad and acting like a bitch to me because I was making sure the baby was mine? If you would have told me about this when you first found out then I wouldn’t have questioned it!”

Touché … okay, maybe she was being a little irrational here.

“Fine, we are both in the wrong.”

“No, you are in the wrong.”

She glared at the phone, picking up a pencil and stabbing the closest notebook, wishing it was Erik’s head.

“No, I was trying to figure things out and it wasn’t like you gave me a chance to tell you. You wouldn’t even answer my calls!”

“You are so wrong that it isn’t even funny. Don’t act like I live in another state and that our families don’t know one another. You had every opportunity to tell me what was going on, but you didn’t have the lady balls to do it.”

Piper took in a quick, angry breath.

“How dare you use my words against me!”

They were bickering and arguing like children. It was embarrassing, but it didn’t stop her from sticking her tongue out at the phone. Just as she was about to come up with what she hoped was a great retort, he said softly, “I have good memories about that night.”

Piper froze in place. He did not say that, and she did not just get hot all over because of it. Shit, what was wrong with her, and why did she allow him to have that effect on her? It only took seconds for her to remember the moment when she’d said that to him.

Erik had made quick work of removing her dress, moving it down her body, kissing every inch he revealed. As he dipped his tongue into her belly button, she took in a deep breath, gripping his hair with her fingers. Pushing her dress over her hips, he took her panties with it. He didn’t kiss or play with her first; he went right for her core, sucking her wet mound into his mouth, taking her to another world. Her knees buckled, causing her to brace her hands on his shoulders, her fingernails digging into his skin. She let out a long, low groan as he hit the right spot, moving his talented tongue around her taut clit in figure eights.

Piper’s eyes were closed tight as she felt his hands move from her thighs up her body to her exposed breast. He took her sensitive nipple between his thumb and index finger, squeezing it hard. She gasped, holding on to him as she rocked her body toward his mouth. It was mind-blowing, Piper could hardly breathe, but then he stopped, turned her around, and bent her over.

“Oh my God,” she panted as he started to lick her from behind. His nose was tickling her slick opening as his tongue continued its assault on her extended nub. Piper held on to the back of the couch, her legs shaking under Erik’s attentive hands. She was almost there, her body was tensing up, her heart rate was through the roof, and she swore her legs were numb. Finally, her release came, and she screamed out, her body shaking with the intensity of her orgasm. She collapsed into the back of the couch, her face buried in the cushions as her heart rate started to slow. She had never had such an intense orgasm in her life. Her body was still tingling, the spot between her legs was aching in the most fulfilling way, and when she felt Erik’s body pressing into her, his thick length resting between her legs, Piper was on the verge of tears.

“I’m so glad I grew the lady balls to do this.”

“The lady balls?” Erik chuckled against her neck. “Sweetheart, there are no balls between your glorious legs.”

Piper let out a breathless giggle. “Oh hush, you know what I mean.”

“Sure, and I’m glad, too, even though this was going to happen even if you grew them or not.”

Piper turned her head, glancing up at him. “Oh really?”

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