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Blue Lines (Assassins #4)(8)
Author: Toni Aleo

“Come on, you can give me your number. I’m safe, I promise,” Phillip said as Erik reached for a nacho that was oozing with cheese, peppers, and chili. He loved the food at this place.

“No way. I don’t even know you,” the blonde countered as she giggled. She was beautiful, of course, and had the three “bigs” going for her.

Big boobs, big ass, and big lips.

All the things Phillip loved. Taking notice of her name tag, Erik noticed that Cami filled out her Tilted Kilt uniform just fine. No wonder Phillip was laying his game down thick. Cami’s br**sts were hardly covered by the thin white button-up shirt, and her butt was basically falling out of the bottom of the schoolgirl skirt she was wearing.

Cami seemed completely engrossed by Phillip, too, which wasn’t abnormal. Girls flocked to Phillip. He was a good-looking guy with his boyish blond hair combed to the side. Phillip said his big green eyes captivated the women while his big thick dick kept them around. He was one of those guys who keep their face neatly trimmed, unlike Erik, who liked his beard thick and scraggly. Along with being a total flirt, Phillip was completely ripped, another reason women were attracted to him.

Returning his attention to the nachos, Erik listened as Phillip went on.

“You don’t know me now, but we can change that.”

Cami rolled her eyes. “No way.”

“Okay, well, let me ask you one more question, and then I promise I’ll leave you alone.”

Cami eyed him skeptically before she put her hands on her thin waist. Her belly button was pierced and she had a tattoo peeking out from her shirt bottom. She was hot as hell, and if Phillip couldn’t get the job done, Erik was more than willing to try.

“Fine,” she said, playing it as if she were annoyed, but anyone within a thirty-mile radius knew that she wasn’t annoyed with him at all. She was batting her eyes and giving him the come-hither look. She was digging Phillip just as much as he was her.

Phillip smiled before he asked, “Where’d you get your skirt?”

The girl looked at her clothing before saying, “It’s our uniform, although I have to pay for them myself.”

“They were expensive, huh?” he asked, and Erik shook his head. Phillip was a master at picking up women and he made Erik literally laugh out loud with some of the lines he used. This come-on was one of his favorites.

“Um, yeah, I hate paying for something that I don’t get to keep,” she said with a roll of her eyes, and then she asked, “Why?” Her brows were drawn together and she seemed just as confused as the hundreds of women he’d used this line on before her.

“Well, baby doll, they would be one hundred percent off at my house, so why don’t you come on over after you’re done with work?”

Erik watched as the girl blinked a few times and then started laughing. “Are you kidding me?”

“What?” Phillip asked innocently. “It is the truth.”

“You’re a dog!” she exclaimed.

“That may be true. I do like it doggy-style, so what time do you get off?”

When Cami just walked away, Erik couldn’t help laughing out loud. Phillip watched her walk away and then looked over at Erik before smiling. “She’ll be back.”

“Sure she will,” Erik agreed.

“You’ll see, she wants me.”

“I don’t doubt you, but I think you could have left off the doggy-style comment. You might have had a chance of getting her home before that,” he said, tossing a nacho into his mouth.

Phillip shrugged his shoulders. “She liked it. She is watching me now, thinking of a way to come back and talk to me without feeling like a slut.”

Erik followed Phillip’s gaze and found that he was right: Cami was watching him. “You’re a master.”

Phillip nodded. “This is true.” They shared a laugh before Phillip asked, “So how’d it go with Elli?”

Erik sighed. “Not good. She has put me on probation.”

“What?!” Phillip exclaimed. “You couldn’t talk your way out of it? What the hell did you do?”

“Nope, she is threatening to kick me off the team. She’s not happy with the PR I’ve been getting … man, I didn’t even realize how much shit there was until she threw a bunch of magazines on the table.”

Phillip grunted. “No shit.”

“Yeah, I’m a little worried; I can’t step out of line at all until this thing blows over. I’m on strict probation.”

“Holy shit, dude, that blows,” Phillip said with a shake of his head. “I have a meeting with her tomorrow. You think she is going to do the same to me?”

Erik shrugged his shoulders again. “I don’t know.”

“Damn, that sucks,” he said, still shaking his head.

“I know. I’m so pissed.”

“I don’t blame you. So I guess we’ll be staying in a lot.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Erik said, leaning back in the booth and crossing his arms. “It’s bullshit, you know.”

“I agree. We are young, we are horny, we should be able to do what we want,” he said before stuffing a chip full of cheesy goodness in his mouth.

“I completely agree, but oh well, if I want to succeed and advance in my career, I have to play by her rules.”

Phillip nodded. “Yup, and really, Elli isn’t a witch; she just cares about us a little too much.”

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