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Breaking Away (Assassins #5)(7)
Author: Toni Aleo

Piper pinned him with a look that had Reese trying to hold in her laughter.

“And if I do remember correctly, a certain someone deserved that because they missed their son’s ultrasound.”

Erik glared back at her, but not for long. A smile came across his face before he leaned over, kissing her lips.

“Blah, get a room—innocent eyes in here,” Reese complained as she guarded her eyes.

Piper laughed. “Dimitri watches us kiss all the time!”

“I was talking about me!”

“You, my dear, are far from innocent,” Piper teased with a grin.

That had them all laughing, while Dimitri looked at them like they were crazy.

After dinner, Reese leaned against the counter as Piper washed the plates before handing them to Reese to dry. Erik was putting Dimitri to bed, and Reese knew it was about time for her to head out.

“Erik is leaving tomorrow morning,” Piper said. Reese could tell it bothered her. She wasn’t used to the whole hockey wife thing, but Reese had no doubt she’d catch on.

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, but it’s only for a week,” she said with a nod. “Oh, by the way, I think we are going to get a house in the city. We’ve been looking.”

Reese nodded. She had been asking Piper to move back to Nashville for months. When she first got pregnant, Piper decided to hide the pregnancy and moved out to Sweetbriar to her family friend, Elli Adler’s old house. Reese should have known something was up, but at the time, Piper wanted to be an illustrator, and said she needed the peace and quiet to draw. Really, she was pregnant and didn’t want anyone to know.

“That’s great; I can’t wait to have you and Dimitri closer to me.”

“And Erik,” Piper supplied.

“Yeah, him too,” Reese said teasingly as she dried a plate. “He’s okay, I guess. He’s growing on me.”

“He’s amazing, I love him so much.”

A small grin came across Reese face.

“Have you talked to Harper today?” Piper asked.

Reese shook her head. “Nope, what’s up?”

Piper smiled widely at her before saying, “Sadie is pregnant. The eggs stuck this time!”

Reese wanted to scream out in joy. It had been two months since they picked out Sadie Murray as the surrogate mother for Harper and Jakob. Sadie was a mother of two with a loving husband who believed that everyone needed a baby. She had been a surrogate once before, and she took great care of herself. Reese knew from first glance that Sadie was perfect. Knowing that everything was working out perfectly made Reese want to cry. Harper was probably elated.

But why hadn’t she called Reese?

“Oh my god, that’s awesome,” Reese said, but then asked, “I wonder why she didn’t call me? I picked Sadie out, for goodness sakes!”

Piper smiled. “She did call you, but your phone doesn’t work out here. That’s why I’m telling you.”

“Oh… Well, damn, that’s awesome. I can’t wait for another little baby!”

Piper laughed. “Me either. I’m so happy for them.”

Reese smiled. “Me too. So when you popping out another one?”

Piper dropped the plate she had in her hands, splashing water all over her shirt. Reese laughed as she took a step back.

“Do you not remember how loud I was screaming during the birth of my son? That shit is not a joke, it hurts, and it will take longer than six months for me to forget that pain, thank you. I don’t know how Elli did this back to back the way she did,” Piper said with a shake of her head.

Reese didn’t understand how Elli could pop out four kids in the past three years while being the owner of the Nashville Assassins either but, then again, she didn’t understand why people thought they needed to procreate anyways. There was too much to do in life. Why wipe ass and feed a little person, when you could tour Italy or something? It wasn’t the life for her, but she wasn’t one of those people that pushed her views on everyone else. She was happy to be an aunt. She loved Dimitri and Ally with all her heart and was happy that her sisters had found happiness with two great guys. Reese just never thought that would happen for her. Guys weren’t a necessity; they were just a pleasure.

Which reminded her…

“All right, I’m heading out,” Reese said, throwing her towel down and wrapping her arms around her sister.

“Okay, be careful and call me later.”

Reese rolled her eyes. “Piper, we didn’t take those self-defense classes for nothing. If a guy gets stupid, he gets his ass kicked. Simple as that.”

“I know, but don’t you think you’re getting too old for this? We are twenty seven; don’t you think it’s time for you to settle down?”

Reese let out an annoyed sigh as she met her sister’s clear blue eyes. After people found their soul mates, they thought everyone else should, too. It was so annoying.

“I’m happy with my life. I don’t want a man, or kids, or anything like that. I want me, with the occasional bedmate and, tonight, I’m in the mood for some hair-pulling, rough sex.”

“Okay, but you could find a guy that would do that all the time, instead of having to find a different guy each time.”

Reese shook her head. “No, because maybe next week, I’ll want sweet, loving sex. You never know with me.”

Piper smiled. “If you took the time, you could find a man that would give you all of it, but whatever. Be careful, and love you.”

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