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Breathe (Sea Breeze #1)(14)
Author: Abbi Glines

I sat down on the black leather seat and smiled. My heart thumped in my chest, and I wanted to appear unaffected by his appearance. “Um, no, I don’t mind.”

He grinned and handed me a fancy water. “Thirsty?”

I took the water in hopes it would ease my suddenly dry throat. “Yes, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Which grocery store do you want to go to?”

I smiled at the thought of Jax Stone asking where I wanted to go buy food. “Sea Breeze Foods will be fine. It is closer to my apartment.”

He picked up his remote again, and with a click of a button the tinted glass between us, and the driver came down “Sea Breeze Foods please, Kane.” The giant in the front seat nodded and Jax rolled the glass back up.

“Do you mind if I go inside with you? I’m craving a Reese’s cup.”

I frowned remembering his wish to remain hidden. “No, I don’t mind, but won’t it blow your cover if you’re seen walking around Sea Breeze Food’s eating a candy bar?”

He winked and grinned. “Yes it would, but I am prepared.”

He reached over the seat and opened a compartment. It took all my will power not to lean over and sniff him, he smelled so good. I’d noticed it earlier, but not as much as I did now in such close quarters. He sat back in his seat, and I composed my face into a curious smile. He slipped a black baseball hat on with the letter A on the front I recognized immediately as the University of Alabama’s logo.

“Nice touch,” I said grinning at his attempt to go incognito.

He then slipped on tinted glasses.

“Isn’t it a little dark for those.”

He grinned. “Actually these brighten up the night time. They are glasses used for seeing, not to shade the sun, so I shouldn’t stick out too much.”

His designer jeans and the black tee shirt clung to his muscular chest and arms, and I frowned. “No, you’re going to attract attention in that shirt.”

He glanced down at himself. “You think so?”

I tried not to stammer from the shock my system took from his grin. “I know so. Any girl in a ten-mile radius is going to stare you down if you wear it. It is impossible not to.”

A huge grin broke out on his face. “So does this mean you like me in this shirt? Am I impossible not to miss?”

I sighed and sat up a little straighter. “I’m mature for my age, Jax, not blind.”

He laughed and reached back into the compartment over the seat. “As much as I like the idea of you being unable to take your eyes off of me, I don’t want to draw attention, so how’s this?” He slipped into an old, faded blue, jean jacket. It covered up his impressive body.

“Better,” I assured him, as the large utility vehicle came to a stop.

Jax slid the glass wall back down. “Kane, don’t open our doors and go park in the parking lot. I want to appear normal, so just hang out at the car.”

Kane frowned, and nodded.

“Let’s go shop.”

Jax jumped out, took my hand, and I stepped out behind him. We walked in silence to the grocery store entrance. Suddenly, nerves assaulted me. What if people recognized him and bombarded him. I didn’t want his attempt at being nice to be ruined by crazy teenage fans. We entered the store, and I looked back to see Kane following behind us. He stopped and stood outside the large glass window. Apparently, he would be standing guard in case of a mad rush of fans. I should have figured the large giant doubled as a bodyguard.

“Where to first?” Jax asked, grinning when he pulled out a shopping cart as we walked in.

“You seem really excited about shopping for food,” I whispered, not wanting anyone around us to hear me.

“I haven’t been in a grocery store since I was a kid hanging on my mom’s cart, begging for Big League Chew.”

I pitied the little boy inside who missed things as simple as grocery stores. “Well, then, let’s make this memorable. If you’re good, I will buy you some Big League Chew.”

“They still make it?”

I shrugged. “Sure, this is the South, Jax. Things don’t change here often. Time kind of stands still.”

He nodded in agreement. “I know, it’s part of the reason I love it here. No one is in a hurry.”

I walked ahead of him, and he followed behind me with the cart. I was a little embarrassed when I realized he would witness my bargain shopping. I hadn’t thought of the fact he would see me worrying over the cost of bread. I couldn’t get out of this now. I might as well swallow my pride and get what I needed. I reached for the store brand loaf of bread. I didn’t want to face him, but I knew he watched me. I walked over to the cold meats and grabbed the deli shredded roast beef Jessica adored. I hated wasting money on such expensive meat, but if I didn’t, I would be forced to hear Jessica whine for a week.

A loud whisper came from behind us, “No, Mama, I know it’s him!” and I turned to see a little girl about the age of nine, studying Jax.

He smiled at her, and her face lit up. She left her mother’s side and her mother reached out to grab her arm but missed. “I’m sorry, she’s convinced you’re Jax Stone.”

Jax only smiled and shrugged, and then he squatted down to her level. “Hello,” he said in a voice I swear could melt butter.

“You’re Jax Stone, aren’t you?”

He glanced up at the mom and back down at the girl and put his finger over his mouth. “Yes, I am, but can you keep it our secret?”

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