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Breathe (Sea Breeze #1)(5)
Author: Abbi Glines

"Sure, just finished up." Fran nodded and headed toward the back elevator in which house staff traveled from floor to floor without being seen by the family. Fran hurried inside as it opened, and I started to fol ow when a bottle of glass cleaner fel off the cart. I reached for a smal rag and picked the bottle up from the floor. I wiped up the spil the best I could.

"Hurry, please," Fran cal ed in an anxious tone from inside the elevator. The family must be headed upstairs. I stood up, and a tingling sensation raced through the hairs on my neck. Startled, I turned and saw him standing there watching me. It wasn't the saw him standing there watching me. It wasn't the cute little curly-headed boy but instead the famous rock star. I froze unsure of what to do since my presence being acknowledged this soon wasn't something Ms. Mary wanted. A smile broke across his ridiculously sexy face, heat burned through my cheeks, and I glanced away and pushed the cart into the elevator.

He didn't appear to be angry that a teenage girl worked in his home. His smile seemed more amused. Fran frowned when I glanced at her, but she said nothing. I put my cart away and went to report to the kitchen since I no longer worked upstairs. Ms. Mary stood with her hands on her hips, waiting on our arrival. A silent conversation seemed to take place between Fran and Ms. Mary. After Ms. Mary nodded, she reached for something on the table and handed me folded black clothing.

"Everyone wears uniforms while the family is in residence. Also, you won't be cleaning the house anymore, but you wil help me in the kitchen and help Mr. Greg in the gardens. However, tonight I need you to serve supper. Mrs. Stone has requested al servers seen by family and guests are attractive in appearance. Wil iam, the young man I hired to assist Marcus in serving the family, cal ed in sick about ten minutes ago, and you are al I got. You've proved to be a hard worker, and you seem to be serious about this job. Your age concerns me since the master of the house is around your age and is an idol in most girls' eyes. My gut tel s me that means little to you. I hope you continue to show such maturity." I didn't real y know what to say after that mouthful from her, so I only nodded. "Good. Now, you're to wear this every day. I'l have two more made in your size, and they are to be left here each night to be washed and pressed. Make sure you continue to enter at the same location and immediately change in the laundry room. Now, I need you to help me begin preparing for the evenin' meal before you put these on. You gotta be tidy and clean when you serve."

For the next two hours, I chopped, sliced, stirred, and stuffed al types of meats and vegetables. By the time Ms. Mary told me to get changed and tidy up my hair, exhaustion already fil ed my body. I changed into the black skirt, which hit right above my knees, and the white button up shirt with a round col ar. I put on a black apron over my shirt and skirt. Pul ing my hair loose, I piled the curls up high on my head. I washed my face and hands and sighed at the face mirrored back at me.

My mother's face landed me a job as server tonight, but my reserved personality gained me Ms. Mary's trust. Where my mother's eyes sparkled with mischief, mine stayed serious and guarded.

Jax Stone's smile in person dazzled me as much as it did on the millions of pictures I'd seen in magazines and on posters. However, it didn't mean I would be sil y enough to be attracted to him like the rest of the world. With a deep breath, I opened the door and went back to the kitchen where Ms. Mary stood waiting. "Okay, now, remember, you set this in front of Master Jax at the exact moment Marcus here," she waved to a tal young guy I'd not met yet, "places Mrs. Stone's in front of her. They wil be the only two at the table tonight. Mr. Stone and Jason wil be arriving tomorrow.

So tonight, you two wil be the only two serving. "Make sure you stand back quietly behind Master Jax while he eats and fol ow Marcus's lead. He'll help you with anythin' you aren't sure about." I turned my ful gaze on Marcus who seemed to be only a few years older than I was, probably col ege age. His sandy blond hair and smiling green eyes immediately relaxed me.

He held out his tanned hand and grinned. "Marcus Hardy." I slipped my hand into his, and he shook it. "Sadie White." He nodded, stil grinning, and reached for his tray, "I saw your brave performance yesterday as you secured your job here. It amazed me how your eyes went from nervous to determined in less than a second." He picked up the tray in front of him, and I smiled and lifted the tray set before me.

"You will follow me...since I wil be serving Mrs. Stone's food." He gave me a wink before turning and heading for the entrance to the dining room.

The large room wasn't new to me. I'd scrubbed the floors in there that morning. Marcus took his place behind Mrs. Stone, who sat with her back to the entrance. The natural alarm in my body alerted me as I walked around to stand behind Jax, who sat at the head of the table. I looked to Marcus to guide me. He nodded, and we set the salads down at the exact same time. I stepped back. Marcus nodded his head for me to stand beside him, so I did.

"I stil don't see why Dad is making Jason go to the interview at Yale if he doesn't want to go there." Jax voice sounded so smooth it seemed almost unreal. I felt as if I'd walked into a movie, and I stood watching the scene before me. "Your brother doesn't know what is best for him.

He has the brains to be more than just Jax Stone's younger brother. He can make a name for himself if he wil just focus on it instead of spending so much time fiddling with the stock market. His head for numbers is being wasted."

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