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Dirty Filthy Rich Love (Dirty Duet #2)
Author: Laurelin Paige


I brought the tumbler of scotch to my lips, taking another sip as the Frou Frou song playing from the Spotify app on my phone started up again. How many times could a song be listened to on repeat? If there was a limit, I was approaching mine.

I pressed my cheek against my bedroom window and watched the lonely street below. The glass was cold against my skin, a stark contrast to the liquor burning in my chest. Winter had set in just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The few people still out this late were well bundled in gloves and scarves, and hats pulled down over their ears.

I still didn’t have enough winter wear. There’d been no need for warm gloves in L.A., and I’d only been in New York since September. My sister had already given me a hard time about it when she’d arrived earlier in the evening, and a shopping trip was on the agenda for the next day.

My wardrobe would soon be remedied. Audrey would make sure of that. In one night, she’d already rearranged my living room furniture and put up the rest of the framed photographs and knickknacks I hadn’t bothered to unpack.

If only she could fix the inside of me as easily as she addressed the outside.

No, I had to be the one to fix this mess.

I thought back to the conversation I’d had with Audrey before she’d slipped off to bed in my guest room.

“Will you press charges?” she’d asked.

“I don’t want to press charges.” I wanted explanations. I wanted theories confirmed. I didn’t want more distance between us.

I didn’t want any distance at all.

She’d smiled as though she got it, and because she was my sister, maybe she did, even without me explaining. “So you’ll go to France, then. Make him tell you what’s up.”

“He doesn’t deserve that either. He can run all he wants. I’m not chasing. I have more respect for myself than that.”

“Good. I respect you too.” She’d laughed then. “Probably not the best idea to chase someone who’s obviously been stalking you for ten years anyway.”

“Probably not.” Though I wasn’t really worried about him. He was dangerous, yes. Dangerous to me. But he wouldn’t hurt me. Not like that. Not the kind of hurt that anyone else could see.

“You’ll figure it out,” she’d said in the end. “You always do.”

I knew what I had to do already. Just…being bold enough to do it.

Another sip of scotch. Another full listen to the old song on repeat.

This time when the silent pause came at the end, I put down my glass and reached over for the phone instead. I turned off the music, pulled up my contacts and only shivered slightly when I found his name.

Two weeks had passed. I didn’t have to do this now.

But it might as well be now.

I hit the CALL button and waited.

It rang once. Twice. It was after midnight here. He’d just be waking up. Another ring. Was he alone? One more ring.

Then his voice.

His voicemail, actually. I hadn’t exactly expected him to answer, and it was easier leaving a message.

Still, somehow it was disappointing. As though a small part of me had hoped he’d see my name and rush to hear my voice. Wouldn’t I rush to answer if he’d been the one to call?

Maybe not.

Probably not.

The beep sounded and caught me off guard. But I was ready with what I wanted to say.

“Donovan. It’s me. I know about the file you have on me. We should talk.”


“There’s nobody here,” Audrey said as we stepped out of my office.

It was Monday evening and wrapping things up after a hectic afternoon had taken longer than planned. It was hard enough getting everything done in a short holiday week. On top of that, I’d lost my weekend to visiting with my sister—time I would have usually spent behind my desk.

It had been three days now since Audrey had arrived.

Three days since I’d left the message for Donovan.

Three days and no return call.

But I wasn’t thinking about that. Or rather, I was trying as hard as possible not to think about that. Trying as hard as possible not to let on how much it hurt.

Work was a good distraction. Audrey was an even better distraction.

“When you got here it was almost five,” I said, locking my office door behind me. Thankfully, there was plenty to occupy her in the city while I worked. It would be a miracle if she got even a quarter of her agenda crossed off before she had to go back to school on Sunday. But even with the many other exciting items on her list, I’d convinced her to stop by my office so I could show her around.

More like so I could show off.

I glanced at the clock on the wall. “That was an hour ago. Most everyone’s gone home now.”

“Do you always work this late?” The question was accusatory.

“I usually work later.” I didn’t mention that part of the reason we’d stayed late tonight was because she’d had to tell me all about the bus tour she’d taken earlier in the day.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she glared in my direction. “Workaholic.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re a workaholic too. Your work is just more artsy so you can more easily disguise it as a hobby. Come on.” I threw my keys in my bag and hitched the strap on my shoulder. “Let me show you around.”

She followed me to the main hallway. Out of habit, I glanced down the dark corridor leading to Donovan’s office, feeling a pang in my chest before leading her in the opposite direction to the large open section of the executive floor. Usually, the floor-to-ceiling windows there would be a feature worth pointing out, but the sun had already set and the cleaning crew had turned on the lights so the glass just looked black.

Another light shone farther down the hall, and I steered us in that direction.

“Roxie,” I exclaimed, when we came upon my boss’s assistant gathering her things at her desk. “You’re here late!”

“Just leaving. You caught me.” Eyeing Audrey, she set her purse down and thrust her hand out, introducing herself before I had a chance. “I’ve heard wonderful stories about you. Sabrina is very proud of her sister.”

“Thank you. Great to meet you,” Audrey said, trying not to appear stunned by Roxie’s brusque hospitality.

“You look alike,” the Hungarian native said after studying us for a beat. “Light and dark versions.”

Audrey and I laughed as we exchanged glances. She wasn’t just a lighter version of me in coloring with her chestnut hair and almond eyes, but also in temperament. She was bubbly and romantic. I was serious and practical. She liked men who adored her and were into public displays of affection. I liked a man who enjoyed rape play and apparently had a serious problem with stalking.

It was something we joked about often.

“Night and day,” I said.

“Chocolate and vanilla,” Audrey agreed. “That’s us.”

“Is Weston in there?” I asked nodding to the office behind Roxie. The door was still open and the lights were on, but I didn’t see him at his desk.

“No, but he be back any minute. You can wait inside for him.” Roxie buttoned her coat and picked up her purse. “He in a good mood today. He won’t mind.”

We said our goodbyes and after Roxie went her way, I ushered Audrey into Weston’s spacious corner office, switching off the light as we walked in.

The effect was immediate. “Holy bananas!” Audrey exclaimed. “This is insane!” She ran to the closest wall of glass and gazed out at the city. “It’s an endless sea of lights! I bet you can see everything in the daytime.”

“Not everything. But a lot.” I stood back, watching her with a smile. My reaction to the view had been quite similar. It had been exhilarating, not just because of how much I could see, but because I finally felt like I was on top of it all.

And then Donovan had walked in, putting my new world in a spin. Reminding me it had been his world first.

Whatever. It was my world now. He wasn’t here, and I was. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Audrey craned to look farther out the window. “If this isn’t everything then you’re too greedy. Hey! It’s the empire! Why isn’t this your office?”

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