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Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1)(13)
Author: Abbi Glines

I was pretty sure I was in over my head.

“Grant, play nice. She’s a friend of Tripp’s,” Bethy scolded. I wondered if she was thinking I was some kind of cheap whore now.

“Don’t go getting all tense in my lap now, sweetheart. Lean back and get comfortable,” Grant whispered in my ear. His smooth southern accent made me feel warm. I liked this guy. I managed to relax and do as he said.

“Here, you can have my beer. I’ll get another one next time one of these chumps gets up for another round.”

I didn’t really care for beer. But I also didn’t want to be rude so I took it. “Thanks.”

“You’re most welcome.”

I was surprised that his hands didn’t go to my legs but one stayed around my waist and the other was resting on the arm of the chair. I liked that. He wasn’t assuming I was easy just because I’d crawled into his lap.

“Tell us about Tripp. We haven’t seen him in for-fuckin-ever,” Thad said.

I didn’t know much about Tripp. We’d talked on the nights we worked together but we never got real deep with our life stories.

“He’s doing good. Women come from miles around just to sit at the bar and flirt with him. He has a dedicated following. He enjoys his job but after seeing this place I have no idea why he stays in Dallas.”

Thad cut his eyes over to Jace and they both looked solemn. They obviously knew why Tripp wasn’t here and it upset them. They missed him. I didn’t blame them. Tripp was a great guy.

“So, why did you come running here from Dallas?” Grant asked as his hand slipped up and covered my stomach. His thumb was awfully close to brushing the underside of my left breast. I wasn’t sure if this was okay or if I should just go with it.

“Woods! It’s about damn time.” Jace’s words surprised me and I wasn’t sure I was okay with sitting in Grant’s lap anymore. I hadn’t expected Woods to be here.

I glanced back at him and my heart stuttered when his dark eyes zeroed in on me… or Grant… or both.

“I didn’t know you were back in town,” Woods said to Grant but his eyes shifted right back to me.

“Yeah, came in last night. Might stick around a little while.” The teasing lilt in his voice didn’t seem to amuse Woods.

I watched as Woods walked over to me and held out his hand, “Della, would you come with me please?”

As attractive as Grant was, Woods’ dark commanding tone was too hard to resist. I slipped my hand in his and he pulled me up out of Grant’s lap. I started to say something to Grant but Woods pulled me back inside the house without a word to anyone else.

“Where are we going?” I asked, setting my beer down on the first table we passed before he made me spill it.

Woods didn’t reply. He nodded to the people who called out a greeting but then he just started ignoring them. I had to run to keep up with his fast pace.

We went down a hall and Woods jerked open the door to the last room on the left and pushed me inside before closing the door behind him.

I was starting to get worried that I’d somehow made him angry when he stalked over to me until he had me pressed back against the wall. The emotions in his brown eyes confused me. He didn’t seem angry. He looked confused, torn and maybe turned on.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said as he placed his hands flat against the wall on each side of my head. “I think I may have snapped.”

I hadn’t been expecting an apology. “Okay,” I replied waiting on more of an explanation.

“I want to be inside you again, Della. I want to pull this sexy ass excuse for a skirt up and bury myself in the tightest pu**y I’ve ever been in.”


Woods lowered his head until his breath was warm against my ear. “It’s a real bad idea. Fucking you is all I can think about but it’s a bad idea. Push me away and leave the room. It’s the only way I can keep from touching you.”

That night we’d spent together was one I still dreamed about when my dreams were good. How could I walk away when he was offering it again? Why would I want to? I liked Woods. He wasn’t just sexy and really good at making me feel wanted. He was thoughtful and well liked by everyone. He was one of the good guys. I needed affection. I had lived most of my life without it. Sex made me feel close to someone even if just for a little while. I’d lost my virginity to a guy who had held me and touched me. I’d wanted to be touched so badly. I’d wanted to feel close to someone. It had been a mistake. The guy hadn’t been caring and thoughtful the way Woods was. Having Woods touch me was so different. I craved the way he made me feel.

I moved my hands to his chest and laid my palms against the hard muscles under his shirt that I had licked thoroughly, every wonderful ripple. “What if I don’t want to leave? What if I want you to pull my skirt up?” I asked, looking up at him through my eyelashes. It was a simple question. An honest one.

“Damn, baby,” he murmured just before his mouth covered mine. The desperation in his kiss made me tingle between my legs. Our tongues danced and tasted until we were both pressing our bodies closer while our hands fought with the clothing between us. I managed to jerk Woods shirt off by pulling it over his head and then covering one of his dark ni**les with my mouth and sucking hard. My panties were jerked down and I quickly stepped out of them as he pulled them down over my boots.

“You’re keeping these boots on. I want it all off but the boots,” he growled as he pulled my shirt off and then made quick work of my bra.

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